Tuesday, October 2, 2012

All Good Things Must End....

Ya'll know last week I mentioned something about two final soccer games and then Kamdyn would be hanging up the cleats and moving on to basketball? Well, of all things her team made the playoffs after an overtime win in a double header last week and loss from another team in our district.

SO, today we loaded up our cars with 17 soccer girls and headed out for a road trip!!

This was the party in my car on the way to the game!! These girls crack me up...

We only had to drive about 90 miles for the game and the girls were totally impressed that they got a police escort all the way to the county line. In fact, Kamdyn had to take a picture of it!


She could not wait to get home and tell the boys all about it. This in turn caused much "discussion" about why the girls soccer team got that escort when the boys went all the way to the state tournament last year for basketball and didn't get one. The boys decided people don't love them or their sports as much as girls and their sports to which I responded they were absolutely right!!

I'll be honest....I don't really love soccer. I don't understand it for one thing and the rules are just too much for me. But most of all, soccer season for our girls is HOT and HUMID because usually their games are afternoon games in August and September which = HOT and HUMID in Mississippi. However, I was so thankful today because it was a beautiful day for soccer! When they kicked off it was 68 degrees (and super muddy because we have had two days of rain).

We have four seniors on the team so I wanted to take one group picture before the game started just in case it was truly the last time they would put on their soccer uniform.

After all the excitement of a road trip and playing in the first round of the playoffs, our girls came up short in the end and got beat. Indeed, all good things come to an end! These girls have been lots of fun and put in much sweat and hard work for a season they can be proud of.

Tonight when we got home Kamdyn threw her cleats away! Can I just tell you there is NO smell like the smell of stinky shin guards and soccer cleats combined with the sweat and mud of a long season! Football pads or practice clothes do not hold a candle to the smell of what our daughter had in her gym bag. I'm thinking the bag might need to be tossed as well!!

So, soccer is officially over and we move ahead to basketball. And the carousel of life continues to spin in our home....


  1. Tell Kam way to go on a really good season!!

  2. i can testify to the stinky soccer shin guards and cleats! gag!!! way to go kam on a great season...wish i could see her play. love ya!

  3. Great Job Kam - now on to basketball!! love ya