Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why I love TV....

It is no secret that our family has been anticipating the start of the new Duck Dynasty season so here was our TV at 9:03 last night! I had looked forward to this all day!! If you have not seen this show, please set your tivo or dvr or watch it the old fashioned way on A&E on Wednesday nights. I pretty much have no words to tell you how good it is.

Here are 10 reasons I love this show:

10. It's just funny to see so many people with a beard. Kind of a weird funny but still funny.
9. I am always amazed people sit in a shop and really make those duck calls.
8. Our family can watch it all together and we all laugh!! There is something about laughing with your family that just seems special.
7. Phil and Mrs. Kay live in a trailer house, where alligators visit and she cooks in a big black pot outside. (Yes, I know this does seem a bit redneck but they are not ashamed of it)
6. It shows me that it is normal that my boys like to aggravate and provoke one another and always feel the need to one-up one another.
5. They live out their faith, always closing in prayer at the end of each show.
4. I know met Korie (see my previous post where I met her AND had my picture made with her)
3. It is just plain old funny!
2. The show makes me "happy, happy, happy"!!

And the number 1 reason I love this show:

Like I said, there are just no words....

As a total side note, I also set my tivo to record the show "Nashville" last night. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet but I am curious to see if it will be any good. It's on my list of things to do this weekend. Has anyone seen this show yet? Leave me a comment and tell me what good shows you are watching!!


  1. Dont think I can hang with y'all in the duck dynasty - watched honey boo boo one time and can't hang with it either - Glad the whole family loves it and Pops is crazy about it.

  2. we love duck dynasty too :) i also recorded nashville and hope to watch it this weekend. as well as chicago fire!