Sunday, November 4, 2012

And that's another win...

Basically we have just had such an abundance of Aggie memories this past weekend that I don't even know how I will put them all into words here for you. We literally had so much Texas ATM fun this weekend that I think I filled up the camera roll on my iPhone. Maybe I am overstating things just a little but you get the point!

Our team rolled into town Friday evening and thanks to social media, the boys knew they had arrived. When a team plays against Mississippi State that team stays in our town, about 20+ miles from campus. So, we got all dressed up in our maroon and headed to the hotel. Brian was a bit hesitant at first about just hanging out in the hotel lobby and I guess it may seem a little stalkerish but the boys were all about it!! You know, it was a little awkward at first because clearly we were not a part of the group traveling with the team, but when the boys had no problems getting this pic, I decided we were in it for the long haul until we met the whole team (or close to it)...

If you don't know who the short man is with the bow tie, that is the President of Texas ATM University. And in case you were wondering, Koby had no problem walking up to the man and asking for a picture. Basically, Koby had no problem walking up to any player and asking for an autograph or picture!! Brendan would sometimes wait back just to be certain but not Koby, which pretty much speaks of the way they each approach life.

The boys got to meet lots of players and some of the coaches. I have to take a second and brag about the true character of our players. These young men would stop whatever they were doing to speak to our boys, sign an autograph and take a picture. They were sincere and gracious and as a mama I appreciate that!

One guy they were really excited to meet was Johnny "Football" Manziel!

Maybe you might have heard of him.... Well, we are huge fans of #2 and the effort he gives on the football field! He certainly led us through to another victory, but I am getting a little bit ahead of myself.

I could post lots of other pictures of our boys with football players and you could get to know the whole team like us but I don't want you to give up on the post so I'll move on...

We went to dinner at one of our favorite places in town to celebrate Brian's promotion and also because I hadn't really cooked all week so I thought why start on Friday night? It was kind of strange to see the people of our town stare at us in our Aggie shirts. Those who know us thought it was funny and those who didn't thought we had driven a long ways to just eat some poboys and blackened fish. We did bump into some other Aggies at dinner and I was glad to see more of our people had made it to town!

Again we had an early wake up for a Saturday morning! The kids took this one pretty well because they were excited about the game and tailgating with friends. Plus this time we only had to drive about 25 minutes to get to the game!! As we began the long walk to the stadium, we got to see the team pass by and gave them a big Gig'em!

 After stopping by a tailgate or two we saw an Aggie tailgate tent set up and decided to make our way over to it. Apparently, we had great timing because just as we were walking up to the tent our Yell Leaders had stopped to take a picture. A nice Aggie man who we did not know told Brian the Yell Leaders would take a picture with our family if we wanted and Brian said ABSOLUTELY!!! So here we are all gathered up with the Yell Leaders...

I should also mention that Brendan's girlfriend went to the game with us. I am not too sure that she knew what kind of day she was in for, but she was a very good sport about all of it! She had her maroon on and also did a great job of giving the thumbs up. After our photo op with the Yell Leaders we wound up on the front row of an impromptu yell practice and Ellie was even a good sport about that too, especially considering she knew none of the signals and calls.

Then it was time to make our way to the stadium and to our seats! I was excited about getting into the stadium and checking out the black uniforms.  Kam and I sent out one last Gig'em before the game...

And then our Aggies hit the field and took care of business in a big way!! Thankfully they shut those cow bells up because that was probably one of the most annoying traditions I have come across. Kissing your date every time your team scores? Not too annoying. Sounding a cannon every time your team scores? Not too annoying. Ringing a cow bell every first down? Well, that's a bad example because there wasn't alot of that. But you get the point!

Once the game was officially over the team came over to Saw 'Em Off with the fans...

... and that is how the snow melted in Starkville, MS.
After the game we stayed around to see the team and celebrate the win with other fans. Kamdyn even got her chance to meet the President of ATM...
So, like I said it was one big Fighting Texas Aggie ATM weekend. When we finally got home, I was literally exhausted. I may be willing to admit going to the game was a bit much after the pneumonia but in all honesty I wouldn't have missed it! And I'm very thankful for another win...


  1. that is just awesome! great memories made :) gig em ags!

  2. Such a great weekend - So proud y'all got to enjoy!

  3. I heard you also sat by a fellow Aggie fan and church friend too:)

    So glad I found your blog!!:)