Sunday, November 11, 2012


For the past 24 hours myself and my family have been living in the glory that has come with a Fighting Texas Aggie win over Alabama. If you missed this game, you truly missed the game of a lifetime. I don't know that I have watched a game recently that was like the game I watched Saturday. While Kamdyn and I were watching at home, Brian and the boys were in in the middle of the action in Tuscaloosa.

Brian's cousin Brandon, or "Uncle Brandon" to our kids, came from Texas for the weekend just to go to the game. Brandon is an Aggie and he was in the Fighting Texas Aggie Band during his time at ATM. Brian and Brandon grew up together like brothers and had planned on going to this game since way back in August, before any of us could get our hopes up that our debut year in the SEC might be such a success!

After the big win over Mississippi State the boys started talking about wanting to go to the game and Brian started looking for more tickets. He was able to find two on Thursday and we were SO thankful!! There was never any doubt that the tickets would go to the boys and that this would be a trip for the guys! They left early Saturday morning and headed to Tuscaloosa, about an hour east of our home. If you would've been a fly on the wall in our home, or even a visitor passing through, you would've been well entertained as the boys looked for their "undefeated shirt" and lucky socks. They were taking no chances!

Kamdyn and I spent the day at our Mission project and then had some pregame lunch and purchased our items for Operation Christmas Child boxes. We made home for the game just in time!!

And, what a game! I hated to move off the couch because I didn't want to cause the team any bad luck. (Did I mention we tend to be superstitious?) Where I was sitting we were playing well and if I moved from my spot on the couch or even left the room to take a bathroom break I just knew the momentum might change. I was NOT going to be the reason things went bad!!!

 My phone literally was blowing up with all the texts and questions and comments. I hated to celebrate early because my Aggies have been known to give the game away in the second half.  I knew it was over when that penalty happened with 40 seconds to go in the game and we got an automatic first down. My whole neighborhood had to know at that point the game was over because I was hollering and screaming and carrying on like, well, like we just BTHO Alabama!!

Here are my highlight pics...

Our band leading the crowd after the game, Coach Sumlin as the clock hit 0, Johnny Football being named player of the game and then this Alabama fan who just 4 hours prior to this picture already had his team winning the National Championship! Basically, I stood in front of my TV and just snapped away with my Iphone camera. I have no idea why I did this except I wasn't actually at the game and this made me kind of feel like I was. Then, I did more hollering and yelling and celebrating!

And just in case seeing these pictures is not enough to convince you of how great the game was, I even have a video you can watch but I will warn you watching this may make you want to be an Aggie too:


The boys made it home safe and sound and I couldn't wait to hear the stories they brought home with them. I think that is why I wanted them to get to go because being at this game was a once in a lifetime experience. It is something they will always remember and something they got to experience together and for that I am thankful. Some things in life are truly priceless!

Even my nieces got in on the Aggie win! Prior to the game Kasey sent us the picture of Livvy in her jersey and after the game Kelly sent me a picture of Gracie saying she was worn out by all the excitement down in College Station...

I really could just go on and on about our Aggie weekend. Kamdyn and I celebrated with Taco Bell and dessert at Chick-fil-A after the win! We watched the team returning to campus and it was an awesome thing to see all the Ags in College Station come out and support the kids that way! I could tell you how so may people told us we would never make it in the SEC and how everybody told us Alabama was unbeatable!! But again, a win like this is just priceless, especially for those who have endured seasons that have been less exciting or successful. To be a true fan means you are there in the lows and in the highs and that is who we are! And really ya'll let's be honest- no Aggie had any doubt when we were coming into Alabama with this:

Like I said, PRICELESS!!!!!


  1. so glad the boys got to go! it was very exciting to watch on tv! super proud. and proud liv made the blog :) think she is going to be a football lover...this morning she put on her bear hoodie and was ready to go to the football game...unfortunately our season is over... see you in a week!!!!

  2. It was a great game and so glad our Aggies are competing in the SEC - we also were whooping it up in our hotel room- see you soon!