Sunday, November 25, 2012

Settling back in....

We made it home from our trip to Texas safe and sound! Brian is always so good to drive us when we travel and he never complains about it. I just ride and read and pass back snacks and junk food to the kids.

Our plan was to be back in time to watch the Aggies play their final regular season game. We rolled in town in time to do make a quick trip to the grocery store, if there is such as thing, and get home and grill up some hamburgers before the game started.

We also got back into town early enough to pick up a new addition to our family...

Rocky is not too sure about his new playmate, but Kamdyn is beyond excited!

I am still not quite sure how we this dog has found it's way into our home! It happened really fast. Monday while we were in Memphis, Kamdyn spent some time working at the Humane Society. She blew my phone up with pictures of this sweet little dog, which of course she wanted to adopt. God gave our daughter a deep love for His creatures, and this time she fell in love with this little mini collie.

Truth be told, it is a cutie! When we lost our beloved Rebel back in May I didn't think it would be a good idea to get another dog. But after seeing Kamdyn love and care for our new addition, I know we made the right decision.

The only controversy has been what to name the dog. He is almost 2 years old and the animal shelter said his name was Prince. That name was going to make it in this family!! So, what other name could we give a cute little boy dog right now than Johnny. Yes, after Johnny Football. So, we hope he settles into his new name and into our family. Rocky is still a little uncertain!

The worst part of a trip is the unpacking. It's more fun to pack because you are looking forward to the fun of a trip. It is not so much fun to unpack because you are tired and just the idea of putting up all that laundry is no fun! But, I finally got the last of it put away and feel like we are settled back in to start our school week tomorrow.

Two basketball games this week and church activities will keep us busy but I am looking forward to dragging out my Christmas trees and decorations towards the end of the week! Hope your week is a good one...

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  1. johnny...of course! can't wait to meet the newest member! glad yall are settled back in. have a great week! love ya!