Monday, November 5, 2012

Two Powerful Words....

It is so hard to believe that the calendar says November! In our town the trees have turned all kinds of beautiful colors and fall seems to be here to stay. Along with the cooler weather November is also bringing a national election for our new president.

Don't worry... I am not about to get into my long list of reasons for why I think Mitt Romney should be our next president! To be sure, he is the candidate I have voted for and I am also very optimistic about his running mate and the future I believe they can offer our country. But I really want to remind each of you of two of the most powerful words our country has been hearing regularly since the spring: "Go Vote!".

The freedom to go vote is what this nation was founded on. It is a responsibility given to each of us by those who have stood in the line of battle beginning with the American Revolution. It was handed to us from men and women who paid an ultimate price throughout history.

In America, we are free to choose. Some Americans will choose to vote, some will stay home. Some Americans will vote on a strict party line, and some will vote on issues they feel passionate about. But in the end, the biggest blessing is that we can choose. When you go vote, it is more than your opinion. It is taking advantage of the very thing that makes our country special and set apart. When you go vote, you are celebrating freedom!

I have had the awesome privilege to be in the U.S. Capitol building, to walk through it's historic halls where officials have made decisions for our country for over 200 years. I have seen the veterans in wheel chairs at the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC and looked out over the white grave markers in Arlington National Cemetery. I have heard Airmen pledge their faith and allegiance to serve and protect this country from enemies both foreign and domestic. In each situation, without fail I am reminded that God's blessing was on our country from the beginning.

There is no politician that can lead America out of the mess we are in because it will have to start in homes across this country. It will have to start with Christians who quit living a life mixed with the pleasures of this world and start living a life according to God's Word. True change will come when Christians stop judging sinners and start loving others according to God's love. Our rescue will not be through a new set of government leaders but through the outstretched hands of the Savior.

Go vote tomorrow!! It's your responsibility to our country and it also will show your appreciation for those who have paid for that opportunity with their life and with their time. But when you cast your ballot, say a prayer for those who will lead us and take a minute to pray for your fellow Americans. There is no doubt that the winds of change are needed in our country, but not just a change in Washington DC or in your state. We need a change in our churches and in our families to turn this country around. GO VOTE!!!


  1. well said sister. voted this morning with three kids hanging on my legs. it was neat to show levi and luke how to vote and talk with them about that freedom. thankful and blessed. praying for our country!

  2. Great post and so true - definitely think it needs to start in homes and churches.