Friday, November 30, 2012

Short of Exciting...

Well, I am writing tonight from my comfy place on the couch with a brand new blanket from the Black Friday sales and some cute new house shoes  compliments of the Black Friday Eve sale! Let me say, what a week this has been!!!

We have played two basketball games and gone to church which might not sound like anything big to you, or exciting for that matter. But, I have looked forward to spending a relaxing and quiet Friday night home since I looked at my calendar last week! For me, boring = perfect right now.

The boys won both of their games this week. However, Kamdyn's team is not doing so well in the "W" column. I have tried to encourage her that this is a year where everyone is getting playing time and that translates to everyone gaining some experience which will make the team even that much better next year. That doesn't really resonate well with a competitive baby sister of two even more competitive older brothers! Basically, she wants to win and wants everyone else to want to win as badly as her. So we are working through this, trying to see the bright side to every game and hoping that just maybe a win is coming her way.

I mentioned we Kamdyn got a new dog. The adjustment period has been a bit trying to say the least. I forgot in the cuteness of the moment what it was like to have a puppy in need of training and attention. Our other dog is the perfect lap dog, content to lay around and just breathe air. Johnny seems to be much like his namesake - he likes to GO! The playfulness he brings to the table was appreciated at first but now we are starting to have dog-adoption-remorse. Was this really a good idea? Either way we are now almost one week into having this new family member and I am praying, literally, for patience and tolerance because I know Kamdyn loves the dog.

So between the dog and the basketball and the laundry that never seems to decrease, getting back into the routine this week has been anything short of exciting. Tomorrow my relaxation time is over because I will be pulling out the Christmas trees. Yes, I said trees! I like to have one per room and I love this time of year!! So I will be posting some pictures of all of this for sure.

This week was also exciting because all of you got to hear from Johnny Manziel in person! (If not, you can youtube the interview, look for it on ESPN or just ask Brian because he watched both days of interviews plus the highlights) We met Johnny a while back, and he really was a nice young man. I think that came through well in his interview! So as the nation begins to jump on the Johnny Football Train, I wanted to share just a few things with you here:

1) This video Brian found on Youtube that was too funny not to share -

2) This video Brian also found on Youtube that takes being a fan to another level -


3) And just in case you are have been living under a rock the past few months, here is a little video to introduce you to Johnny Football


(and this is only part 1!! plus if you really have time you can watch the whole ATM vs. Alabama game on youtube!)

Hope you're looking forward to the weekend and some rest as well!! I can't wait to post some pictures of our decorating, but I will miss being able to write about our Aggie football weekends.  

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