Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Call me...maybe!

We love music at our house!! It is not uncommon for someone to be humming along to a song. Some people (and by this I mean Brian and Koby) even enjoy changing up the lyrics to make up their own song. This summer's hit song "Call me Maybe" has provided our family with tons of entertainment! It all started with that Harvard baseball team video a few months ago as the guys recorded some hilarious motions to the song. One of my favorite versions of this song has been the U.S. Swim team and one of my husband's has been the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders. [check Youtube!] This song was even a hit on the Miss America pageant and featured Donal Trump!! However, today I found a new favorite adaptation of "Call me Maybe".

The link below is a must see!! Talk about changing up the lyrics... Here this little boys takes the tune of "Call me Maybe" and adapts it to his life. It is great and sure to give you a laugh. I am so glad Brian came across it on youtube because he came to the rescue of my blog today. I had about three different things I wanted to post and couldn't decide which to go with. For the record, none of the three had to do with music, videos or such a combination. So, I hope you enjoy this and maybe tomorrow will be something deeper in content. And hey, you can always call me...maybe?

CLICK HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3kwdue5XS0


  1. that was real cute! yes...reminds me of koby...and luke :)

  2. Hey girl... I'm really proud of you. Blogging has changed my life. I love it. Hey, I might not get rich by blogging, but it has been so good for me mentally. I will for sure be a follower. Hope you'll jump over and check out my space. I think I'm on my 900th blog post.