Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's All Coming Back to Me...

Our family has almost survived the first whole week of school! I consider this a praise for sure. As the kids and I begin to settle into our school routine, the tick tock of the clock is all coming back to me. Where has the summer gone?! And here is what I am admitting to you all, I really enjoyed my summer mornings of a quite devotion with a good cup of coffee, the Today show and all it's Ann-Curry-London-Olympics drama and catching up on my reading and exercise. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

While I am still faithful to my morning devotion and cup of coffee, the rest of the simple parts of summer are now fading. My daily run/walk is harder to squeeze in and I have yet to find the end of our laundry basket from just this first week of school. And reading? Well, I have been in the same chapter of my book for about a week now. I did get to cook one meal for my family this week, which if you asked my kids may have been a good thing or maybe it wasn't.

But all of this reminds me of a Bible verse that I kind of cling to when I get into this woe-is-me-back-at-work-and-school pity party of one: "This is the day the LORD has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." (Psalm118:24) OUCH! The psalmist is thankful, even rejoicing, for each day the Lord has made. I take comfort in the fact that God made this day for me and for my family and for you. He made this day for a purpose! While I am happier to see the sun set on some days, my new attitude has been to be thankful for each day and the opportunities God gives me in them. Today, I was thankful for cooler weather on the soccer field, for time spent with just me and Brian riding to the game, time spent with Kamdyn and a friend coming home as they laughed and carried on about boys like teen age girls do and for Thursday, one day closer to Friday! So I am sharing this encouraging thought with you and I am hopeful it will offer some new perspective as you also may be closing the door on the relaxing days of summer.

*and p.s. - We won our soccer game! Go Lady Rams!!

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