Monday, August 27, 2012

Define old...

I came across this story today and I just felt like I had to share it with all of you! First of all, let me make it clear I am NOT a Good Morning America fan. I need that to be understood because my mother is faithful to the Today Show, or let's just be honest and say she is faithful to Matt Lauer. Good Morning America left our home with Joan Lunden and I always knew the headlines each morning because the Today Show was blaring in our living room. So, I just felt like I needed to make that clear before we get into the discussion of my story I want to share.

I do enjoy looking over the headlines that the people at Yahoo seem to think are interesting or worthy of mention. You just never know what will come along. Well today, the following story was one of the lead stories on Yahoo. In curiosity, I clicked on the article to read it and that is when I came to the Good Morning America story. If you have a quick 30 seconds, read the story here:


Can you just imagine what it would feel like to be 116??? I can not get my mind around this! 116!! She has the title of the world's oldest person!

Honestly, I will not make it to that age and if by some chance the good Lord sees fit to leave me here on the earth that long I am fairly certain I won't remember anything. The odds are good that I will have Alzheimer's and I am OK with that. Brian has promised me that he will have some good laughs at my expense!!

It was the end of the article that really got me though. Should any of us have any hope or desire to live to be 116, this sweet lady offers us some advice. She says the secret to her longevity is that she eats good and minds her own business! So even if I wasn't destined for Alzheimer's I am fairly certain that I wouldn't make 116 based on living the way this lady has. I kind of want to ask her what she means by "eat good." The article says she lives in the south so maybe she defines eating good as having bacon each day or a big piece of chocolate cake or possibly she may even consider fried green tomatoes as eating good! As far as minding my own business, well I am a southern baptist after all!! You know we have prayer meeting to catch up on the town gossip! 

I would just love to sit down and talk to this lady! I can only imagine the stories she could tell us all. She has to be a talking history book!

Now you know the secret to living a long life and exactly how old that old really is!

I have to go now! Sarah Palin is being interviewed on Fox and I need to see what cute glasses she will be wearing for the interview!! Hope the weather stays good wherever you are...

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  1. Thanks for clarifying that Today Show/Matt Lauer detfinetly holds top show in our family - also, sorry about those alzheimers genes.