Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Football and Politics...

Please don't think that things have been boring around the Bailey house and that is why I haven't written anything in a few days! As always, lots is going on here! Kamdyn is recovering from a badly sprained ankle and deep bone bruise that she got in a soccer game last week. She had to sit out at her game yesterday and she said afterwards that she did not like being a bench warmer. I tried to explain to her that she was sitting out because she was hurt but to her it was all the same. She is not a sit-on-the-sidelines kind of girl! The boys have started working out for basketball season, doing lots of running and conditioning. One of them loves this part of preseason and one of them does not. I'll leave the guessing up to you. And of course, they have all been trying to balance homework with the fun things they like to do! Yes, school is back in session!!

I feel like I have tons of things I would like to share but I have no idea where to start or how to pick a topic to go with. Let me start by saying I am some kind of excited about being an American and a Republican after listening to some powerful speeches these past two days. I am and always will be a huge fan of Mrs. Barbara Bush and of course Laura! But let me say I was impressed with Ann Romney last night.

I felt like I could just sit down with her and talk about raising kids, good recipes and being a survivor. And if I wasn't thrilled enough about our next first lady, I really got fired up with Gov. Chris Christie last night. If you missed his speech you missed a treat! Then tonight I hear another all-time favorite Condoleeza Rice and let's stop here so I can say man she is smart!! The RNC has featured other notable women in government, such as the governors from South Carolina and New Mexico, who were both well spoken and encouraging as they shared their excitement and determination for our country to succeed. Plus I love that VP nominee Paul Ryan talked about his IPOD playlist starting with ACDC and ending with Zeplin while Mitt Romney's playlist sounds like elevator music. And VP Ryan's family cracked me up as the one son was very proud to be waving to the entire room. I guess since we can't bring back #43 (you know, George W.) then I am good with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. But, enough about politics!

I was planning my week around college football Thursday night and the Texas ATM game but thanks to Isaac that has been postponed. I'm truly disappointed!

It might be for the best because I would have had a hard time flipping back and forth between the game and the RNC. I realize for some of you that would have been no problem but for me I would have to see both live. Our DVR is tied up with Big Brother anyway! Plus I was trying to figure out how to be at our football game watching Kamdyn cheer and do both of the things mentioned above.

This leads me to another random thought but I want to tell you all how proud I am of my Texas peeps because they are loud and proud at the RNC in their Texas flag shirts and large cowboy hats!

They truly are representing and it makes me proud. Plus, better a cowboy hat than a cheese head any day of the week. (I am typing this post with eyes on the laptop and ears on Fox News thus the random thought patterns here!)

Finally, earlier this week I shared one of my favorite hymns. Later my sisters reminded me of one my favorite contemporary songs that is getting lots of play time on KLOVE right now. I am putting the youtube link here for you to listen to this song:


Just listen to the words. This song is my song!! Hope you'll enjoy it, too.

Thanks for being patient with my rambling!! I'll get more organized I promise...

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