Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let's see if I really can do this...

I am a huge fan of blogs and recently wondered if this was something I could do myself. I mean, how hard can it be?! Lots of people are spilling their guts across the Internet right now through social media or in other forms. I guess I am still a bit old fashioned - I just sent out the annual back to school email complete with the first day of school picture AND update on the kids. So I found myself thinking surely I can do better than that!

Facebook overwhelms me and I can't figure out why I would tweet on twitter and instagram really keeps me guessing. But, I do know about the blog world and thought just maybe I could venture into trying out a different way of keeping family and friends up to date on all the excitement that happens daily, sometimes even minute to minute, in our home. When I was growing up as the oldest of three girls my parents had some friends who used to stop by from time to time. I'll never forget Mrs. June saying, "well, our house was so quiet we just wanted to come over and watch what was going on here." At the time, I didn't understand what she meant but now that I have three teenagers I so understand!

So, this is my blog. I have absolutely no idea what I will share here but I can tell you feel free to "come over and watch is going on here" as I talk about serving the Lord, loving my husband, raising kids, cooking (??) and everything else that goes on in my day. I'll share some of my favorite blogs with you, some of my favorite recipes and some of favorite stories about my family. And, I have to confess at this point I am channeling the Pioneer Woman and so badly want to just say, "Welcome to my Frontier" with the disclaimer that A) I am a long way from being Ree, B) My frontier is small town Mississippi, and C) Our house never, ever, ever looks as clean as Pioneer Woman's! Now, here we go! Come back and check in with me when you can. Hopefully you can soon leave comments as well. I am exicted about this new world of blogging and look forward to sharing our home with you.

*By the way....this is the kids as we headed out the door for our first day of school just in case I missed you in my email update!!

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  1. i am so excited you are doing this! i know you will be great. i have already sent your blog site on to lots of friends! looking forward to following you :) much love!