Saturday, August 25, 2012

Great Expectations...

I love Saturday mornings!! Growing up Saturday morning meant sleeping in, Saved by the Bell and a big breakfast! At our home, we have a similar routine for Saturday mornings and our kids love a big breakfast. I should clarify that by breakfast I really mean brunch because our teenagers also love their sleep!

Brian and I love a lazy Saturday morning! We love to get out our laptops, drink our coffee and turn on the Cooking channel. We enjoy watching Mexican Made Easy, Paula Deen (love her!!) and of course Pioneer Woman. I'm slightly stressed about how we are going to manage this once College Game Day is back but I am ever so thankful for DVR!!

So, this Saturday morning I wake up, get my coffee, get my laptop, get in my comfy chair and patiently wait to see what Ree will be sharing today. I am always amazed by her recipes!! As I am wrapping things up with Paula, I decide maybe I should I go ahead and cook the kids their breakfast so I can enjoy Ree with NO interruptions. I knew the boys had a yard to do and Kamdyn had a friend over so I go ahead and make a normal big Saturday breakfast - bacon, sausage, biscuits, eggs and oatmeal. (Here is a small sample of breakfast)

By the way, oatmeal is not such a big deal here in Mississippi. I grew up on it at home but here they prefer grits!! I still can't figure this one out. Grits are great if you add cheese on them and eat them with shrimp or fish but not as a substitute for real oatmeal!

But back to our morning....I finish cooking, eat with the boys, they leave, Kamdyn and her friend are still sound asleep and I think to myself - now is your chance!! Turn on Pioneer Woman! Today Ree has on a super cute shirt, amazing pair of boots and her hair is perfect as always. I can't wait to see what is happening on the ranch! And then...she shares her menu for today! Gazpacho (?), pasta with penchete and leeks (??), bruschetta (???) and lazy chile relenos.

Ree has totally let me down with this one! Can I just tell you my kids will not eat one of these things nor will Brian nor will I!!! I don't even know what penchete is or where to buy it!

She goes on to say she is home alone for 48 hours and this is her menu for one, all of her favorite things. WHAT?! Ree, home alone and you are cooking?! I would read, watch some netflix, eat some Frosted Flakes. I just don't know that I would be doing such elaborate cooking.

So, I have started my Saturday somewhat disappointed. I had such great expectations!! I am consoling myself with my last cup of chocolate glazed donut coffee (it's my favorite Keurig flavor!). Certainly things will improve! And I'll be hoping that next Saturday Ree can redeem herself and give me a little more to work with.


  1. Agree - we DVR it and just watched it - not my style either, but most of the time she is right on - Hope your day gets better - mine not too good either. Got up early to garage sale with Elaine and didn't buy anything!

  2. I'm sorry sister,but I disagree, them tamaters on that grilled bread, and that soup,wow,,but I got to cook it, and oh man them shkrimps and pasta,,whew, I am full just watching, and I will prolly make me and your mom some of that chilli rellno eggs stuff in the morning,,,,mmmmmm, can't wait!