Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Last One Standing....

Today I am celebrating that I am still standing! The week that was Homecoming 2012 was a whirlwind of fun and memories and I for one am glad to have it behind me!!

I haven't had time to post any pictures from Neon Day so here are a few:

Here is a picture of Kamdyn and her friend Kayla in their neon shirts with pink duct tape accents!
And here is Koby at Homecoming practice with his classmate, Bailey. Please note the use of neon green duct tape that Koby used to decorate his clothes and glasses. By the way, he doesn't wear glasses and I have NO idea where he got the ones in this picture!! But at this point I recognize Koby will always surprise me with something...
On Friday morning, our high school students participated in the annual Homecoming Chapel. This was Koby's big moment to shine as he was the escort for his Class Maid.I am still not sure that he realizes she was the one everyone was cheering for!! Here is their picture that I took after chapel was over:

After all the Homecoming Maids were introduced there was an alumni speaker who used 1 Corinthians 16:13 to go along with our Homecoming theme of "The Last One Standing". This is a great verse! Paul wrote to the believers in Corinth, "Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith, be men of courage; be strong." This verse was very encouraging to me and hopefully to the students as well!!
Later in the morning we had our school wide Homecoming pep rally! Both the JV and Varsity cheerleaders worked hard to perform and here is a picture of my girls before the pep rally:

And a picture of Kamdyn and I before the pep rally:

Our team did in fact pull out a Homecoming win, which means we accomplished the theme of Homecoming 2012 - to be the last one standing! The win contributed to a lively atmosphere at the Homecoming After Party that was sponsored by the Junior class, AKA very tired parents!!!

And let me pause here to say thank you to any parent or adult who ever chaperoned a Friday night dance until midnight after a full day of work. As our kids get older I have a new appreciation for all of the parents who had me and my friends over for slumber parties or stayed with us at a dance when we were growing up. You may have desired sleep over loud music or passing out food, but now I understand the sacrifices you made to be a part of our memory making experiences.

It was entertaining to say the least to watch our boys dance around with their friends and have a good time. One highlight of the night had to have been Koby in the middle of a dance off circle!! He gets his moves from Brian without a doubt and Brendan tends to take more after me - no rhythm and no desire to be in the middle of a dance off circle!! However, neither one of our boys take themselves very seriously and I was glad to see them willing to just get out there and have a good time with their friends.

So as we got home and unloaded the car and got ready for bed last night early this morning, I realized I was the last one standing! I also realized I am not as young as I used to be because after a full day of running from chapel to pep rally to Homecoming Maid formal pictures to the football game to crowing of the queen to the after party and to home I was flat out tired!! A rainy Saturday afternoon celebrating an Aggie victory is just what I need to recover...

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  1. love homecoming week. we are having neon day, so i'm taking note of kam's shirt :) i agree with you on a greater appreciation for our mom and other moms who did all the fun things with/for us. one of my greater appreciation moments came when i was in line(s) at six flags...had to tell mom thanks for all those trips...pretty sure it means even more to me now. lol. hope you got some rest today. love ya! oh, and koby looked smashing!