Thursday, September 13, 2012

Faith in Action....

As you can all tell by my lack of posting the last few days, our house has been BUSY!! I hate that I have dropped the ball on the blog, but I did think I would catch you all up tonight.

Kamdyn's team played soccer "in the delta" (as we say in Mississippi) and came up short in the end. We had lots of fun on the road with her and some of her friends and I think that is where memories are made! I am always thankful to be involved with the kids and their friends and I love to be a part. She also cheered at her first home game tonight and her squad just did such a great job at their halftime performance. However, early in the second quarter one of her classmates suffered a really bad broken arm and tonight our family is praying for his surgery and recovery!

The boys have stayed super busy with basketball practice and studying for tests this week. I'm happy to have algebra, geometry and biology all behind me but I am also sad to realize I can't recall much of it now to help my own kids. I do remember the DNA rap we had to write and memorize in Biology but our kids were not entertained by that!! (For the record, Hallee and Shanda kept the beat but Starla and I came up with some great rhyming lyrics. Something about a double helix and a nucleus! Again, that has no life application for me!)

I blogged about our new Wednesday night Bible study a few weeks ago and let me tell you it is really kicking in right now!!! If you have a chance to buy the book "Unglued" at Lifeway get it. It's so applicable to how react with our emotions and our faith as women. God knew just what I needed to be studying!

And then our family got a curve ball this week....we have been faithful in prayer through the summer about Brian's job situation with the military. In all honesty, this little town in Mississippi has become our home. We have raised our children here, made life long friends here and grown in our relationship with the Lord here. We thought things were all set for Brian to stay here at least three more years but now that does not look like a reality. So, this very week I am learning a lesson I just taught my Sunday School girls as we have been studying the book of James - have a faith with actions! Sure I am ready to serve the needy and help the poor and I will be the first to work at Vacation Bible School or lead a Bible study. But this week, God is teaching me that faith is trusting Him and His timing and His lead. That's my faith in action.

It kind of makes me think about the Israelites as God parted the Red Sea. Initially, they thought God brought them out of Egypt to just die at the banks of the Red Sea. They couldn't see the bigger picture God had in store for them. Oh there have been some times I wondered if God was going to part the "Red Seas" of my life but experience has taught me He is always there if I will just follow His lead. In Exodus 14:14 Moses tells the Israelites "The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still". I read that and thought to myself, "OK Kristy Jane....Be still". So I am letting my worry be still, my doubt be still, my desire to be in control be still. Let me tell ya'll, IT IS HARD! But my faith in action is to trust God with all my heart and not lean on my own understanding.

So keep us in your prayers as Brian and I make some decisions and seek out what God is calling us to. I'll keep you posted! Don't forget....the Aggies play on Saturday so let out a big Gig'em as we take on SMU. And for the record, I'm all about Pioneer Woman this weekend because I'm not too happy with new girl on Gameday. She is NO Erin Andrews!


  1. Thanks for catching us up, even though some things I knew - sounds like a busy week - So thankful for your and Brians faith and desire to serve Him - everything will work out for the best! Love You

  2. I want to reply but don't have the words,,, my view is not the same as yours, but to me, God I saying for you to come home and take care of me, but I know it ain't that easy for y'all!

  3. i came across that verse in exodus when my church was reading thru the Bible in 90 days (not that i finished) and have loved it ever since! i don't think it's at all coincidence the recent studies you have gone thru...everything is God preparing us for the next thing i think. praying for you and brian to hear God's plan for you. stay strong! love you so much!