Monday, September 24, 2012

So this weekend I went with 13 other moms from my church to the dot MOM conference in Birmingham, AL. We left Friday morning, making a quick stop for lunch and of course a short shopping trip into Target! Can a group of women pass a Target without stopping? Anyways, our conference started at 1:00 and it was nonstop praise and worship and encouragement for moms!

I was so excited to hear the message Vicki Courtney would share (www.vickicourtney.com). She has a great ministry to mothers and I have read several of her books. Vicki is very straight forward about mothers who do too much for their children and her message this weekend was about raising "Me Monsters". She encouraged us to make our homes God-centered instead of kid-centered and she stepped all over my toes! It was a great reminder that God should be our priority then our spouse then our children.

We also heard a new speaker this year and I am now a HUGE fan of hers! Her name was Jen Hatmaker (http://www.jenhatmaker.com/blog.htm) and she and her husband pastor at a church in the Austin, TX area. Other than the fact that she is an avid Longhorn fan I absolutely loved her!! She shared a great message with us reminding us that our job is to raise up disciples that will impact the Kingdom. Here is one of my favorite quotes:

"We did not come from precious and we will not turn out precious".

Now I might not have come from precious but I did come from almost precious!!! However, Jen's point was that we are not perfect and our children will not be. I was so challenged by her direction to raise brave kids not comfortable kids and to parent the kids we have not the kids we were.

A highlight from my weekend is that I MET KORI ROBERTSON FROM DUCK DYNASTY!

(Ok it's not the best quality photo but I am hopefully getting an iPhone soon!)

Anyways, she was the most genuine person you have ever met! She sat right in front of me in one of our breakout classes and I knew it was her!!!! After our session was over I asked if she was Kori Robertson from Duck Dynasty and she said yes and so I told her my family was a HUGE fan of the show! We visited after the class about raising teen age daughters and the new book her and Willie have coming out in October and about how funny the show is!! Later that night the Lifeway people introduced her on stage...

...and everyone got out their cell phones to video her! Since I hated to ask her for a picture after our little talk (although I did meet her mother), myself and several other girls in our group found her after the night session and had our pictures made with her.

So, the conference far exceeded my expectations to say the least!! Please check you calendars and look on www.Lifeway.com to sign up for the dot MOM conference coming to Frisco, TX in February and to Chattanooga, TN next Sept. It will give you encouragement and direction on this crazy path of motherhood.

It is Homecoming week at our school and so there is lots of excitement in the air! Our team had a big win Friday night 42-0 so I am hopeful that will add some momentum as we go into our Homecoming game. I'll be sharing pictures this week of the kids as they participate in dress up days. Also, we finish soccer this week (insert the Hallelujah chorus!). Kamdyn's team plays just two more games and then she will trade in her cleats for her basketball shoes. This is also report card week and a little bird has told me things look good for Koby this time!!!! (say a prayer on Wednesday) So big things are happening for our bunch.

Have a great week ya'll.....and hey jack, the Aggies won!!!!!


  1. Sounds like a great time - waiting til Wed for news - have a great Homecoming week!

  2. Happy, happy, happy,,,,I know kori went home and told Willie and si and them,,I met that sweet kristy girl in b'ham,,,you know, the one that writes that blog, and has those great kids!!" haha

  3. i'm so excited about the dot mom conference! i have already registered and have about 4 other moms so far going with me. can't wait! happy homecoming week!!