Sunday, September 9, 2012

Marathon of Football....

As you all know our family was most excited about the football weekend! Our school was playing the second home game of the season and then we could hardly wait to get up Saturday and watch Gameday from College Station and our Aggies debut in the SEC. The honest truth is that I was so anxious to get our high school game over with on Friday so I could get home and get my rest on before my Aggie football marathon on Saturday.

Well, let me tell you that was not to be!

My cheerleaders started Friday about 10:00 with a flash mob at break to build up school spirit. Then there was the pep rally for the whole school at 2:15.

Then came the big game, kicking off at 7:30. And just in case you wondering, IT WAS HUMID AND HOT!

But here is the real story - Our football game went into 7 overtimes! Yes, you read that right...SEVEN OVERTIMES! (our school is now tied for the 4th longest game in the nation and I'm not sure if this is a good stat to have or not)

So here is a recap: At the end of regulation (approximately 10:00), we were tied 34-34, which is a high scoring game for us. I'm so excited about overtime and so are our fans! My girls are asking me how overtime works because this is such a new experience for us. I don't even know the rules, only that we have the momentum and this overtime will be great fun despite the fact that it is so humid my hair looks like a frizz ball and I am miserably hot. By the fifth overtime, my girls are asking how much longer can this go on? I'm telling them I have NO idea but just keep cheering. Finally, we start the seventh overtime with the ball in our possession. We score and score our extra two points. They get the ball and they score. The game is 82-80. They get the ball to go for two and come up short by about a yard!! It is officially over and it is now 11:25ish. Talk about a marathon football game!

Can I just say in that moment when the official signaled the two point conversion was short I was torn between being so excited for our team and for our first win and feeling so sorry for that other team who has come up short after seven overtimes and still has to drive 2 hours home.

My excitement for our team won out!!!!! I was so proud of our boys who learned a new depth of perseverance and what it means to give 100% until the end. And I was proud of my cheerleaders, who cheered loudly and performed the fight song over and over and over!

As you know, my Aggies didn't come out quite as well. However, I do believe the nation got to see what a special place Texas ATM is. It was fun to get up Saturday morning and watch the ESPN Gameday crew be at our place. And things looked promising....

Brian and I know we will catch grief this week from our SEC friends, but I plan to answer them by saying "Missouri got it alot worse!" and "everyone gets lucky to win a season opener SEC game once every 12 years" (which applies to Mississippi State fans). I believe the road ahead will hold wins for the Aggies and we will be faithful to cheer them on.

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  1. Guess you can say you were a part of the 4th longest games in the nation - exciting! Thought the Aggie family made a great SEC entrance with the 12 th man really showing up - Gig em!