Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's Almost Gameday!

We have had a busy start back to school from our holiday weekend! There is just something about that Monday holiday that makes the rest of the week seem SO long. We have a soccer game, home football game and church activities filling up our calendar this week. But, the thing our house is the most concerned about is getting in front of the TV Saturday for College Gameday!

In case you missed it, College Gameday on ESPN will be live from College Station this weekend as the Aggies get ready to make their debut into the SEC!!!!!!

This is Kyle Field and come 2:30 Saturday this place will be rocking, literally! As Aggie fans get ready to saw 'em off, my family will be marooned out in front of our TV. I will be on texags on my laptop b/c nothing is funnier than reading a continuous post of plays people think we should run, players people think we should pull and pictures of totally random things relating to the Aggies. We will get our towels out and wave them proudly when the Aggies do anything at all that seems exciting! Yes, thankfully it will finally be game day!

The link below is from Southern Living, which has rated ATM as one of the best places to tailgate. I have not ever tailgated on campus because if our family is coming down for a game we are eating at only one place - Wings and More!!!!! If I could only be there now! (Our family loves wings by the way) (And I mean really LOVES wings!!)

Anyways, I am faithful to reading my Southern Living and was thrilled with the positive write up they did on ATM. I hope you can take a second to read it. It will get you even more excited about Saturday!!


So, the countdown is on starting now! Wish I could be at First Yell, Midnight Yell and the game. But our family will be representing over here in Mississippi, eating wings and yelling at the TV! As friends of ours cheer "War Eagle" or "Roll Tide", we will proudly say Gig'em Aggies and be praying that things go well down in God's country on Saturday.


  1. Whoop! I heard on the radio that we are 21 point favorites too! I sure hope that's how it turns out. And I'll try and get some good video of midnight yell to show everyone. Can't wait!

  2. And I will be at smu with sfa,,,,no whoop for me,,,hopefully I can hear it on th radio

  3. Excited for game day and the big game - Gig'em Aggies!!!