Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Headlines and News....

I had every intention of just posting a few pictures of the kids from our homecoming dress up days today but I came across the craziest headline on yahoo when I got on my computer.....


YES! There seems to be a possible bacon shortage next summer!! Mind you I can't even plan what my family will be eating next week but no bacon next summer?! What will my family eat on Saturday mornings in mid-2013? I am already distraught over it and since I have nothing else that I could possibly worry about I'll most likely worry myself sick over this.

Now, I really did want to share those pictures of the kids with all of you. I remember the excitement of Homecoming when I was growing up and our kids are much the same still today. They love dress up days and here are some of what has gone on so far this week:

This is Kamdyn (middle) with two of her friends on  Multiplicity Day. They were the Three Musketeers and they made their shirts with good old fashioned puff paint and creativity!!
This is Koby (middle) dressed on Super Hero day. These girls are two of his best friends. They help me keep him straight with homework and he keeps a big brother eye on them since they are prone to trouble every now and then!
And this is Brendan with his girlfriend on Super Hero day. They bought matching shirts, isn't that precious? Young love........
So, that's what is going on with us so far this week. I will admit the kids get up much easier in the morning when they think they are getting to dress in something other than their normal school clothes! Tomorrow is "show your school spirit day" and they can wear their favorite team tshirt or jersey. Koby has an ATM baseball jersey and Kamdyn has out an ATM basketball jersey. Brendan is on the fence with which team he will support tomorrow!!

Wednesday is also See You at the Pole day so at some point tomorrow take a minute and say a prayer for students, teachers and staff at the local school in your community.


  1. we are looking forward to see you at the pole! levi and luke will even be participating at the elementary. so proud. love the pics. did you say "they" bought matching shirts? you mean brendan bought his shirt? that's more than precious...almost impressive. lol. love homeccoming week!!

  2. Tell B that he is kicked out of the family, the ENTIRe family, if he wears some silly UAB or State shirt. Told Mom the other day that Adam and I will have to build a compound down here to house all of ya'lls (and ours!) kids when by come to TAMU....Levi has also said he wants to come!