Thursday, September 6, 2012

Man's Best Friend....

It is no secret that our family loves dogs! Brian will pick up a stray in heart beat and Kamdyn is just as sympathetic. We have had three dogs since we have been married and our kids have grown up having a dog as pet (minus the 2 years we spent in Guam but even there Koby was constantly on the lookout for a crab at the beach or lizard from the yard!).

Our dogs are like an extension of our family!

So, any dog story or dog video usually compels me to click it and check it out. And that is how I came across this video today!

Yahoo had a video about two dogs welcoming home a soldier and I just had to watch. Once I watched that video and cried, then I found the link to youtube and this video below!


I just loved this video! Rocky treats Brian like that every day he comes home from work!!

Make no mistake, a dog truly is man's best friend! (And even woman by the way b/c I had my own little best friend dog) This video confirms that without a doubt!!

So, while I acknowledge not everyone thinks of dogs in the same way Brian and I do, I can't help but think that watching this video will make you smile and take note of the special relationship between dog and man.

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