Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Marooned Out...

Today I will not win mother of the year. Allow me to explain - Our kids looked so cute before we went out the door and I failed to take their picture all together at any point today.

Now, in my defense we were running late for school this morning (which is no surprise to some of you and actually Kam and I were running late but B and Koby were ready and that's another story for another day) Remember, we had to be there extra early for See Ya At The Pole so late is a relative word when you are trying to be early.

My plan was to be kind of random about the picture opportunity with the kids right after See Ya At The Pole. I thought I might sneak it in right before they left but we had so much praying going on we missed that opportunity!

I really had the best of intentions and I can promise you the kids were not as worried about a  picture as I was! Just know our Aggie family would've been so proud today as we ALL sported our maroon. While I didn't get a picture of all three kids together, I am sharing a couple that I did manage to squeeze in this afternoon.

Kamdyn made her own Aggie hair bow last night! This is it and it is SO cute!! She is creative like this, which by the way she does not get from me!
Here are the boys right before 6th period this afternoon. I am pretty certain they love the fact that I work at the school and can call them to the hall at any time for stuff like this....or maybe not so much.
This pretty much confirms what I said about loving the fact that I work at their school! See how big they are smiling!!! Actually, it has might have more to do with the fact that I said, "Smile or give me your iphones now!" and there you go...instant cooperation.

So, today we talked to our SEC friends about wearing the real maroon. It was so much fun! And tomorrow is neon day so things will really brighten up a bit. Tonight the kids are making all kinds of tshirts out of neon duct tape, or is it duck tape? I never can keep it straight!!


  1. I love it! Gracie and Baby Sister need Aggie bows like that for Christmas from Kamy....tell her to get on that! Lol and the picture of you with the boys Is soooo good! Definitely frame and Facebook worthy!

  2. Gig'em Aggies - Love the boys smiling and Kams bow is darling - wonder if y'all thought that highly of me because I worked at the school?????